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Lisa Ono - Moonlight Serenade

Artist: Lisa Ono
Song: Moonlight Serenade
Album: Dream (2004)

i stand at your gate
and the song that i sing is of moonlight
i stand and i wait for the touch of your hand in the june light
the roses are side you a moonlight serenade
the star’s are a glow
and tonight how there light sets me dreaming
my love do you know that your eyes are like stars brightly beaming
i bring you and sing you a moonlight serenade
let us stray till break of day in loves valley of dreams
just you and i a summer sky a heavenly breeze kissing the trees
so don’t let me wait come to me tenderly in the june night
i stand at your gate and i sing you a song in the moonlight
a love song my darlin a moonlight serenade
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